Stewardship 2018

Get the Picture - Get in the Picture!

""You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God"

- 2 Corinthians 9:17

Dear Living Saints of New Castle Presbyterian Church,

We have enjoyed another year of God's bounty and the challenges facing us both individually and as a congregation. In the coming year we face challenges of updating our mission and searching for our next pastor. We can trust that God will continue to provide for us generously as we celebrate and care for the gifts that we have received. Because of God's grace in Jesus Christ, there is enough to give away!

You are again challenged to trust God in 2018 and to pledge your financial gifts, time and talents to the mission of Christ's here and now. The needs of our congregation and our community are greater than ever. We invite you to consider how God might call for you to help New Castle Presbyterian Church and our ministries.

·         We are glorifying God and enjoying God forever with vibrant worship and music, and growing our faith through the learning of God's word.

·         We are reaching out to the homeless and the hungry with the good news of Christ's healing love, experienced through shelter, food, and clothing.

·         We are teaching our youth and children the grace of God in Jesus Christ through a ministry of nurture through our nursery and our active Christian Education Program.

·        We are drawing in our community with public programs and seminar offerings that educate, challenge, enliven, and support.

·         We are presenting Presbyterian history as a witness to our faithfulness throughout long generations, not only preserving the physical structures that God has blessed us with since 1707, but making them living vessels of worship and mission today.

·         We are prayerfully searching for our next pastor to guide us as we seek to do God's work exemplified through Jesus Christ.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Commitment, grace, love, tolerance, diversity, service/giving, welcome, joy, growth, ministry, music and mission - just to name a few. Can you picture a church that rises to these opportunities? Our commitment can paint a beautiful picture of service in response to God’s love for us. Will you get in the picture and invest in our mission – to keep our vision vital? God is great and has showered us with blessings! Let us dare to give a generous portion of what we have to the God who gives so much!

In joyful response, you are invited to fill out your pledge form (included with this mailing) and bring it with you to worship on Pledge Dedication Sunday, November 19.

      With gratitude and hope

Members of the Resource Development Committee: Andrew Lundgren, Jane Fouracre, Monty Gerhart, Peter McCurdy and Jim Whisman


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